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Dec 9, 2019

I’m really excited to share this podcast with you! I’m chatting with Anya Ranganathan, a vibrant and energetic entrepreneur who has set out to reduce food waste and change the way we look at cosmetically imperfect fruits and veggies. Anya is the founder of Bad Apple Produce (, a produce delivery company serving the NYC area. Not only does Bad Apple Produce’s home delivery model help New Yorkers incorporate affordable fruit and veggies into their diets, but it also encourages folks to lead a more sustainable lifestyle by limiting food waste.


You'll learn so much from Ayna.  Here are some of the highlights from our chat:

  •   What you dedicate yourself to professionally will be most rewarding when it’s something that reflects your core values and beliefs.
  •   It’s important to make space for your thoughts; in doing so, you’ll learn to say no to things that aren’t a priority.
  •   Genuine relationships – both personal and professional – tend to blossom, so be your authentic self.
  •   Healthy living is a combination of eating well, working well, socializing well, and being in touch with one’s personal needs.


You can connect with Anya via Bad Apple Produce (, Instagram (, Facebook (, and email (