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May 6, 2019

As I work with my clients, the topic of mindset and how it impacts performance in different aspects of life comes up often. For example, if you’re training for a race or preparing to take on a new life goal, how much do your feelings (excitement, nervousness, joy, exhilaration, etc.) impact your overall success?

To explore this topic and many others, I sat down with my good friend and all-around awesome guy, Cory Bradburn. With a background in neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and physiology, coupled with his life-long love for golfing, Cory was the perfect person with whom to talk about mindset and awareness, introspection, and overall healthy living.

Cory and I covered a lot during our conversation, but here are some of the things which struck me the most:

·       Mindset and awareness play vital roles in our overall ability to perform (in any aspect of life). Because of this relationship, Cory suggests channeling our feelings into whatever we are doing in the moment. For example, if while running you become aware of how your body is moving, you’re likely to move it more efficiently.

·       Awareness allows us to change our mindset, our moods, and our attitude. Cory stresses the importance of recognizing and being aware of our mindset; even if you don’t act on how you’re feeling, the simple act of awareness helps us get into a present state.

·       Our behaviors shape how we feel. For example, social media can greatly impact our mindset for the better or worse. Cory suggests asking yourself a simple question: “Does this [insert any number of daily habits] serve me well and add to my joy or fulfillment?”

·       Meditation is a powerful tool. As an avid practitioner of meditation, Cory focuses on using meditation to connect his mind with body and spirit. If you’re new to meditation, Cory suggests two things: make it simple and learn to just be.

·       A growth mindset is key to healthy living.

I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Cory and came away with some new ways to think about my approach to the idea of mindset, the expectations I put on myself, and how important it is sometimes to just be. I can’t wait for you to listen. I think you’re going to walk away with specific things you can implement immediately to affect positive change in your life.

Cory Bradburn’s formal background is in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, and he has a Masters in physiology. He spent four-and-a-half years running social media for a Conde Nast publication and is now creating content under the GolfWell brand, which explores ways to eat, think, and train for a better golf game and a bigger life.

You can connect with Cory at on his website , Instagram, and on Twitter.