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Jul 1, 2019

Ready to be amazed by one human’s mental and physical fortitude? Meet David Mykel, the Founder and Head Coach of CliffHanger Academy. David’s background and accomplishments are incredibly unique and varied, and I think you’ll really enjoy hearing his story. David is an educator, adventurer, coach and storyteller. His approach to life is emblematic of living life to its fullest, and pursuing your dreams and ambitions despite setbacks and roadblocks. At the core of David’s practice is the belief that the mind and body are intrinsically connected and that we must feed both in other to achieve a state of happiness and peace.


Here are some key takeaways from my chat with David:


  •   We can use psychology to change our physiology. If your brain and body are connected, you can accomplish so much and alter the trajectory of your day (and life);
  •   The power of one percent is undeniable. Doing any one thing (or multiple things) 1% better than the previous time can lead to significant positive change in your life;
  •   Growth doesn’t happen in your comfort zone, so step outside of it;
  •   When it comes to life changes, sustainability is important. Meet yourself where you are and start from there;
  •   Healthy living is thriving, not just surviving in your health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality.


David founded CliffHanger Academy, a revolutionary, scientifically proven Psychology Fitness (Psy-Fi) program that combines Psychology with Action Sports and Neuroscience. Using the mental aspects of Neuroscience, the behavior change abilities of Psychology combined with the physical aspect of Action Sports David helps high performers use their physiology to change their psychology.

David created this groundbreaking program by combining his 25+ years in Action Sports, with 20+ years obsessing over psychology and 10+ years studying neuroscience into something that challenges and connect the brain and body, but is fun at the same time.

In addition to founding CliffHanger Academy, David has traveled to 49 countries, surfed a two-story wave, free-soloed a 700-foot mountain with no rope and descended some of the most famous peaks in the western hemisphere on a snowboard.

When not in the mountains or ocean, you'll find David leading a group of Christian men at Hillsong NYC to navigate the trials and tribulations of life as well as educating individuals on the importance of public speaking as a President with Toastmasters, International.


You can connect with David via CliffHanger Academy, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.