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Aug 26, 2019

If, like most women, you’ve suffered from UTIs, you’ll want to tune into today’s podcast! I’m chatting with the inspirational entrepreneur Jenna Ryan about Uqora, her UTI prevention company. She has dedicated her efforts to offering products that help women find relief from the painful and stigma-ridden cycle of UTIs.


Some of the key takeaways from my chat with Jenna include:


  •       One’s mindscape shapes one’s landscape; in other words, your mental wellness is key to building a healthy life.
  •       There’s not one way to enter the entrepreneurial world; instead there are many right ways, so find the path which works best for you and follow it.
  •       Starting a conversation around what matters to you is important; don’t let other people’s silence on an issue dissuade you from talking about it.
  •       Collaboration and open conversations are powerful tools for positive change, so share your story with others and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  •       Healthy living is about paying attention to what makes you feel alive.


Jenna Ryan, is the CEO and founder of Uqora. As a former UTI sufferer herself, Jenna is committed to getting to the root cause of UTI prevention. Her singular focus with Uqora is delivering effective, healthy products that provide sustainable relief to UTI sufferers. Jenna’s background is primarily in the tech world, most recently managing eCommerce marketing and product development for DocuSign.


You can connect with Jenna via Uqora, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.