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May 13, 2019

Writing and yoga are two of my favorite self-care tools—and among the top that I recommend to clients—so I couldn't wait to bring Ko Im on the podcast. Ko is a prolific writer, editor, and yoga teacher, and in this episode, she discusses the transformative power that yoga and writing have had in her life.

We delve into the meaning of healthy living and the role it plays in Ko’s life, helping her feel fully integrated and aligned. I’m so excited to share this podcast with you and to learn from this lovely human as we explore the mind-body connection she’s been able to achieve thanks in large part to her meditative yoga practice and reflective writing.

You can connect with Ko via her website at and

BIO: Ko is a content editor at a major media company in NYC. She also edits as deputy editor. Ko is a writer, and is certified in yoga and meditation. She first heard the term “well-being” as a teenager and hopes to lead by honest example.