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May 20, 2019

When it comes to making decisions about your personal and professional life, it’s important to give yourself permission to follow your dreams. That’s one of the things Mercey Livingston and I are talking about in today’s podcast. Mercey is a freelance wellness writer and coach, whose life changed gears when she took a leap of faith by leaving grad school to move to NYC to join the editorial staff at Well+Good. There she was able to pursue her passion for writing and wellness.


Here are some of my takeaways from our conversation:

  •       Allow yourself to lean into your interests and passions -- it’s there where you’ll find happiness;
  •       Technology has transformed the fitness world by making fitness more accessible;
  •    When it comes to wellness trends, make sure you’re evaluating what works specifically for you;
  •    Healthy living means discovering the things that make you feel your best, and living in a conscious way to support that feeling every day.


Mercey’s approach to holistic health and living sets a positive tone to everything she does. I love the reminder that the food you eat, the relationships you cultivate, and how you move your body, all play a role in your individual wellness.


Mercey Livingston is a freelance wellness writer, content consultant and Holistic Integrative Nutrition Coach. Her idea of a perfect day starts with a high-vibe sweat session at a fitness studio, followed by a matcha latte or organic coffee and brunch with friends. Mercey previously worked full-time on the editorial staff at Well+Good in NYC (where she got a crash course in all things wellness and "woo-woo") and is now a regular contributor to Well+Good, Business Insider,, and Eat This, Not That!. You can often find her digging into the latest wellness books, novels from Reese Witherspoon's Bookclub (she's the new Oprah!), or blogging about her latest wellness obsessions and nutrition tips at


You can connect with Mercey via her website, Instagram and blog.