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Jul 13, 2020

In today’s episode I chat with Mike Harney, President of The Hemp Division and Vice President of Harney & Sons, two companies which have allowed Mike and his brother Paul to blend their passion for fine teas and premium CBD. In addition to co-running his family’s businesses, Mike is a published author and educator who loves to scour the globe meeting with tea producers from all the major tea regions, looking for the best teas to deliver to his customers.


Mike shares so much great information about the world of fine teas and premium CBD, but here are a few highlights of our conversation:

  •     In addition to its taste and soothing nature, tea can be wonderful for your health.
  •     When choosing a CBD-infused product, you’ll want to pick a product you enjoy and which you can trust.
  •     Healthy living means living life with flexibility and balance, and having a good experience.


If you want to learn more about Harney’s and The Hemp Division’s fine teas and premium CBD, you can do so via The Hemp Division ( and Harney & Sons (, Harney & Sons’ Instagram (, Facebook (, and Twitter (, and The Hemp Division’s Instagram ( and Facebook (