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Jul 8, 2019

I recently chatted with Dr. Serena Goldstein, a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses her practice on hormone health and helping people lose weight and achieve optimal health. I’m thrilled to be able to share this podcast with you! Dr. Serena’s integrative approach to health emphasizes the important relationship between mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and natural therapies. I also really appreciate her focus on the mind-body connection!


Here are some key takeaways from my chat with Dr. Serena:

  •       It’s important to be comfortable asking for help when you want to get back on track with your health – make use of the resources available to you.
  •       Prevention is important – checking in with your body oftentimes allows you to get ahead of health problems before they change your daily life.
  •       Learning how to trust our bodies is an important step towards a positive and healthy mindset.


Dr. Serena Goldstein is a Naturopathic Doctor in NYC who helps people lose weight and keep it off when diets, cleanses, and supplements don't seem like enough, or take too much mental energy and time. Dr. Serena also has a special focus on hormone health, a main hurdle to weight loss efforts, as she tailors her plans around mindset, nutrition, lifestyle, and appropriate natural therapies in an integrative approach to addressing the mind-body connection. Learn top tips to feel lighter & more balanced here!   


You can connect with Dr. Serena via her website, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.