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Sep 29, 2021

In this podcast episode, I’m speaking with the multifaceted Dr. Talya Miron-Shatz, a psychologist, author, researcher, consultant, and speaker, who studies medical decision-making in a humanistic way. Dr. Miron-Shatz has been a researcher at Princeton University and has taught at the University of Pennsylvania; she has over 60 academic publications in top academic journals, including Psychological Science, Health Psychology, and Oxford University Press. She is the author of the new book, Your Life Depends on It: What You Can Do to Make Better Choices About Your Health.


There are so many important takeaways from my conversation with Dr. Miron-Shatz, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Making decisions about your health is hard and important, so a level of trust with your medical care team is needed;
  • It can be overwhelming to sit in the patient’s seat, so it’s important to ask questions -- like “What are the risks, benefits and other options?” -- when speaking with your doctor;
  • Having a relationship with your medical provider can go a long way in building trust and improving the patient-provider relationship;
  • Women are often disadvantaged when it comes to their medical care because of their gender, so if you’re a woman, be prepared to ask questions and pursue answers;
  • Healthy living means being in the moment and being content with what you have.  


You can learn more about Dr. Miron-Shatz and her work via her website (, Twitter (, LinkedIn (, and of course, her book Your Life Depends on It: What You Can Do to Make Better Choices About Your Health (