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Apr 8, 2019

Learning to assert oneself isn’t always an easy process. Whether it’s taking a leap of faith by leaving one career behind for another or learning to pursue a personal goal, going after what you want is a skill many of us develop only over time. In today’s podcast, I’m chatting with prolific writer and journalist Elana Lyn Gross, whose accomplishments are extensive and varied. Speaking with her provided me with great insight into the importance of looking forward and not stopping until a goal is accomplished.
Here are some of my takeaways from our conversation:
·       Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need. While this might seem risky (especially in the professional arena), it’s a great way to assert yourself and give agency to your goals.
·       “Work hard and be nice” is a mantra we should live by. Never undervalue the importance of collaboration with others.
·       Healthy living means focusing on your physical and emotional health however works best for you. Whether it’s working out regularly, going to bed early, meditating, or even taking a break from your to-do list to get dinner with a friend or watch a movie, it’s important to make time for both your emotional and physical well-being.
Elana is full of wonderful advice and suggestions, and I hope you enjoy listening to her story and learning from her experience. Of the many astute observations she made during out chat, this one stands out: “You’re one workout away from a better mood!” How true is that? No matter what you choose to do to relieve stress, there’s something incredibly cathartic about sweating it out for a bit.
Elana is a freelance journalist, Forbes contributor, and student at Columbia Journalism School. Her writing has been published in Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, TIME, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, USA Today, Mashable, The Huffington Post, Delish, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Women's Day, Good Housekeeping, Allure, Women's Health, Teen Vogue, Redbook, Men's Health, Runner's World, POPSUGAR, Refinery29, Brit + Co, Well+Good, Thrive Global, The Muse, and additional publications. She specializes in business journalism, but has covered an array of topics from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout routine to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement. When she is not writing, you’re likely to find her running, biking, walking, or petting dogs in Central Park.
You can connect with Elana via her website, on Twitter and Instagram.