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Nov 18, 2020

How To Deal with News-Related Stress


As we enter the tail end of 2020, there’s no question that stress and anxiety have taken center-stage for so many of us. There’s so much triggering news filling our airwaves and online sources, and if you’re struggling with news-related stress, you are not alone. In this episode I share some tips to help you cope.


First off, I want to be mindful not to downplay the gravity of the situation. To even be in a 


While much is outside our control, there are things we can do to reduce the stress-causing inputs in our lives:

  • Step away from your news source(s) and limit your exposure to triggering information.
  • Do something that distracts you and nurtures your creative side.
  • Ensure that self-care is part of your daily rituals.


If you want more, check out my book, The Little Book of Game Changers: 50 Healthy Habits For Managing Stress & Anxiety (Viva Editions).