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May 23, 2023

It is such a treat to share today’s podcast episode with you. I am speaking with Elizabeth Pearson, an executive career coach who specializes in helping women navigate job changes, find a path to success in male-dominated fields, and launch their own companies. In addition to being a career coach, Elizabeth is the author of Career Confinement: How to Free Yourself, Find Your Guides, and Seize the Fire of Inspired Work, where she shares practical ways to shift your mindset to seize your full professional power and potential.


During our chat, Elizabeth and I talk about:

  • How women can learn to empower and prioritize themselves when making career decisions.

  • Common career roadblocks that women face and how to overcome them.

  • The importance of women having supportive and trusted people in their lives.

  • How incorporating self-help and spirituality when making career decisions can be a game changer.

  • The importance of having boundaries in order to avoid burnover.

  • Gratitude and how it should not be an excuse to avoid expansion – professionally or personally.


I deeply appreciate the work Elizabeth does and find her to be so inspiring. I value the ways in which she acknowledges the challenges women face in the workplace and how she incorporates self-help into her coaching.


If you want to learn more about Elizabeth and the work she does, check out the following resources:

Elizabeth’s website (

Elizabeth’s book (

Elizabeth’s Instagram (@coach.elizabeth.pearson)

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