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Sep 21, 2020

I’m today’s episode I’m chatting with Kelley Hoag, a Behavioral Health Advisor and founder of Root to Rise Health, where she uses behavior change and integrative health to help high achievers create a more free and balanced life. Kelley doesn’t see herself as a coach nor a therapist. Instead, she works in partnership with her clients -- as their friend and advocate -- to help them achieve their full potential.


Kelley and I covered a lot of ground during our conversation, but here are some of my favorite takeaways from our chat:

  • When it comes to achieving sustainable success in life, having a strong intuition (and following it) is key.
  • Creating a space so you can listen to what your body and gut are saying is key to achieving alignment in life.
  • Remember that in life there aren’t any failures, just feedback; in other words, recognizing what didn’t work is valuable and empowering as you move forward.
  • Healthy living means cultivating alignment in our lives and following our intuition as we learn to roll with the punches.


Want to learn more about Kelley and the work she does? You can connect with her via Root to Rise Health (, Instagram (, and Morning Magic Collective (