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Sep 14, 2020

I have a real treat of a guest to share with you in this episode (pun totally intended). I’m speaking with Mayssa Chehata who is the founder of Behave Candy. Born out of Mayssa’s desire to create a better-for-you candy, Behave is on a mission to reinvent the candy experience with all natural and chef-crafted ingredients and inventive flavors that bring joy and positivity to your candy indulgence. 


As you’ll hear during our chat, Mayssa set out to turn the idea of “being good” on its head by making it easy to enjoy candy. Behave Candy’s gummy bears are low in sugar and low in net carb — the perfect combination to help you reclaim your cravings without rules. 


Some of my favorite key takeaways from my chat with Mayssa include:

  • Don’t be too restrictive with yourself; it’s ok (and good for you) to indulge in things you love.
  • When building your brand, community building is extremely important, so speak directly to your customer so that they feel connected to you and your product.
  • Self-care is essential, so lean into what feels good to you and remember that sleep is paramount.
  • Healthy living is prioritizing finding peace throughout the day and focusing on finding solutions rather than problems.


Want to learn more and taste Behave Candy for yourself? Click here ( to read about their chef-crafted flavors and ordering information. You can also connect with the brand via BEHAVE Candy ( and Instagram (