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Sep 25, 2020

I have such a treat to share with you today. I am speaking with Taylor Morrison who is an international speaker, podcaster, and the founder of Inner Workout, which offers self-care practices that beautifully blend breathwork, movement, journaling, and meditation. Additionally, Taylor is a trained facilitator, a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, and a certified group fitness instructor.


As you’ll hear during our chat, Taylor has made it her mission to help people beat burnout through sustainable self-care practices. Here are some of the things which resonated most with me:

  • Self-care means listening within and responding in the most loving way possible;
  • When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s best to focus on what your gut and your community are telling you, rather than looking around to see what others are doing;
  • Silence can be one of the most powerful self-care tools, providing great healing in chaotic moments; 
  • Healthy living means honoring your needs in the present moment.

Want to learn more about Taylor and the work she does? You can do so by checking out Inner Workout ( and its Instagram ( page, as well as Taylor’s personal Instagram page (