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Aug 19, 2019

Today’s podcast guest is extraordinary, and I hope you enjoy learning about her work as much as I have! In addition to having co-founded baalm, where she’s found a brilliant way to meld beauty and tech, Mandi Nyambi is also a scientist and author of Fresh  Face: Simple Routines for Beautiful Glowing Skin, Every Day. At the core of Mandi’s business are community and cooperation. 


Here are some key takeaways from my chat with Mandi:

  •   Creating a community is a wonderful way to help people feel heard, seen, and connected; the feeling of inclusiveness created is invaluable and inevitably leads to strong bonds between people.
  •   Keeping your hands open to receive blessings is a great way to allow new possibilities to enter your life.
  •   Setting boundaries is an important aspect of living a happy and healthy life; whether they be with your family, friends, work, and even yourself, boundaries can provide a sense of freedom.
  •   Healthy living is understanding what you want for your life, creating equilibrium and maintaining it.


Bio: Mandi Nyambi is the co-founder and CEO of baalm a blog and newsletter dedicated to skin care. She is a scientist, writer, and entrepreneur passionate about skin tech. Mandi started Le CultureClub after struggling to find the right skin-care products for her eczema and sensitive skin. She has a bachelor’s degree in stem cell biology from Harvard and a master’s degree in nutrition from Columbia. She also has a new book called Fresh Face: Simple Routines for Beautiful Glowing Skin, Every Day.


You can connect with Mandi via baalm, Instagram, and check out her new book.