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Dec 9, 2020



I am so happy you’ve joined me for this podcast because I think you’re going to be fascinated by my guest and the information she shares. I’m speaking with Amylee Amos, founder of the Amos Institute, where she utilizes a functional medicine approach to treat Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline. In addition to her graduate work in Nutrition, Healthspan, & Longevity, Amylee is also a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, a background which allows her to incorporate comprehensive nutritional knowledge into her treatment protocols.


There are so many wonderful and interesting highlights from our conversation, but here are some of my favorites:

  • When it comes to Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline, the earlier you begin interventions, the greater the likelihood of seeing significant improvements.
  • While genetics play a big role in our predisposition to diseases like Alzheimer's, our genes are not our destiny. Nutrition and lifestyle choices can influence our brain health.
  • Lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, brain training, meditation, sleep and education can restructure and regrow the brain in positive ways.
  • While there is no perfect diet, a plant-based diet is especially beneficial to our brain health.
  • Healthy living means creating a lifestyle that promotes health at every age, and one which allows us to die healthy. 


Want to learn more about Amylee and the work she does? You can connect with her via the Amos Institute website (, its blog (,  Instagram (, and Facebook (