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May 24, 2022

I've often talked about how much I love Pilates. While I don't teach a lot right now I still have my own practice that's been so helpful for my mental and physical health. I’m thrilled to be bringing you a conversation with Linda Farrell, who trained not just me but hundreds of other instructors. In this episode, we talk about how she found this amazing exercise regimen and how it can help you support your mind and body. We also get an eagle-eye view of how life has brought her to this workout trend personally.  

This will also give you perspectives on not only Pilates, but also how simple actions like changing your thoughts, seeing your food for what it truly is can also bring healthy living to your life. We also delve into how including pilates into your routine alongside positive thoughts, meditation, therapy and selecting the right ones to follow on social media can help you think, live, eat and love.  


To learn more about Linda and try her classes, visit her website:


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Facebook: LindaFit Pilates

Instagram @lindafit.pilates

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